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Rescuing Others From The Loaded Gun, A 23 Year Old Woman Was Shot Down By Her Boyfriend


The boyfriend who took away his girlfriend’s life in front of the cops

On 27th October, Channel Brown, a 23-year-old girl, was knocked down by her very own lover, Earnest Easterling. According to the sources, his girlfriend had dialed up the deputies for help.

Both were knocked down. But how and when?

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Office said that she was trying to rescue people out there in the frame when she was alive, from his aggressive boyfriend’s vicious target, as he was waving his gun to threaten people. In between all these, she was impulsively shot down by Easterling, who, in turn, too, was shot by the cops. The cops further said that she too cooperated with them, eventually losing her life.

“Everything about her was an angel, she helped you,” the victim’s mother said

At a press conference on Wednesday, Brown’s mother addressed her daughter as an ‘Angel.’ Sources reveal that the media had been called up by Brown’s family.

Who else was his acquaintance before he met Chanell?

“I served with this man. I believed he would not harm her”. Chanell sister, Kevonna, said at the conference. Kevonna and Easterling were colleagues who had served together in the military before Easterling has started seeing Chanell. Her sister was in shock as she couldn’t believe how a man whom she knew so well could take away her sister’s life could.

“He was Channel’s, first love. You don’t always get a second chance,” said Kevonna.

The investigation part

The murder part still stays as a mystery for all to decipher. Why did he knockdown Chanell? Did he do this out of his aggression? Was he driven out of his temper? Was he seeking vengeance or something deeper? This riddled case is still to get solved by the cops, and till now, no further updates about the case have appeared.

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