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Is Khloe Kardashian Ready To Date 10 Months After Tristan Split?


The ‘KUWTK’ star does “get pressure” to find herself a new beau all day long, and there are plenty of guys waiting to take their chances. Fans already noticed Khloe Kardashian’s new “single lady” mentality. New love can help her with the scandal since Tristan Thompson appeared as a cheater; however, she has numerous options.

Recently, EXCLUSIVELY says, “Khloe does get pressure to get back out there and date again,” then adds, “she’s very resistant. She doesn’t feel ready. She has lots of guys trying, that isn’t the issue, it’s more a case of her not wanting to take her focus away from True Thompson,” referring to Khloe’s one-year-old daughter with Tristan, 28. The 35-year-old Kardashian has to regularly part ways with her daughter due to her career.

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Khloe and Tristan

“She already hates leaving her to go to work, so the idea of going off and leaving her to date isn’t that appealing.” As a star on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the co-owner of the Good American apparel brand, Khloe’s schedule is exceptionally overbooked!

The source said, “She doesn’t feel anything is missing in her life right now. Of course, bumping into a soulmate and mingling in the casual dating scene are two different things. If she met someone and it happened organically, then that would be different, but she’s got zero interest in the dating scene.” Perhaps Khloe isn’t looking for a date, but she isn’t revisiting a former partner too. 3rd October, Tristan commented flames emoji on Koko’s Instagram Selfie and on 23rd October, heart-eyed-emoji.

In October, another source stated, “She speaks with him pretty often but only sees him when she’s handing off True or if it involves their daughter. Khloe doubts he could ever win her back, but if it happens, it would only be if she feels she could completely trust him again; and that’s not going to happen anytime soon.”

Anyways, Khloe forgave Tristan in February after he kissed an old friend Jordyn Woods, 22. Oct. 14, Jay Shetty’s podcast, she stated she doesn’t even think “he’s a bad person.”

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