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Husband Beheaded His Wife Who Was Devoted Towards Helping Women And Ladies Driven Out From Their Houses From Domestic Violence


A decision to serve women who are facing domestic conflict in their home snatched life of two. A 42-year-old mother and her five-year-old daughter found dead in their home. As the lady wanted to depart from his husband,  so he chooses to take their lives.

On Thursday, November 7, Jennifer Schlecht was in grief by her co-worker at family planning 2020.  However, an organization confirms adequate support for reproductive health for women and girls everywhere in Africa.

“Jennifer Schlecht devoted her whole career to convincing that women and ladies in emergency situations have a path to the best medical care possible. Whereas it comprises household planning and other procreative health maintenance.” According to a statement.

“She was very much dictated to her work and her daughter.  For spending more time with her daughter, so she decided to work from New York. She admires to narrate about her daughter’s primary day of kindergarten and the dresses she select out all by her.”  According to a statement. Apart from all these, her participation in social activities is remarkable.

Her partner Yonathan Tedla, 46-year-old, cut her wife’s throat with a silver hunting blade with a 4  to 5-inch blade. After that,  he again used that blade on their daughter, Abaynesh. Before killing himself with his daughter’s bedroom door with a rope, he gashed her throat.

Jennifer was a senior adviser on physical and reproductive health, the Women’s Refugee Commission, as per her LinkedIn account. She was graduated from Columbia University’s School of Social Work.

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