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Guests Will Be Deferring Park Till Opening Of New Rides In Star Wars, Disney CEO Says


Now guests have started using fewer Disney theme parks. Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, has also given a statement related to their guests’ visits. Disneyland Resort in California is not getting a good number of visitations. Walt Disney World Resort has also deferred in their visitors’ names, as Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge fully opened.

Launching Premiers

Star Wars: Rise of Resistance is now in the market. It will come into the complete function from the upcoming 5th December. They are going to premier their them on December 5th as It is beginning to launch on this January 17th in Anaheim. Disney Parks are experiencing lowering in their business from theme parks.

Disney Lost Business

The competition has started in the theme parked business, and this is getting worse for Disneys. A headache has generated for Disney at the very beginning of this year, and they found an eight percent increment in their business. Now in their new theme park, they are losing their business with that new theme park.

Might be Delayed Visitations

Bob Iger, the CEO, is considering it a delayed visitation; that statement filled positivity in employees working there. People are deferring their visits to Galaxy’s Edge, which created a headache. As time has passed, the number of visits increased so it may a delayed visit from people. It can give the team a morale boost.

Online E-ticketing Boosted

Around two billion dollars spent over Galaxy’s Edge, but they did not get a good response from fans. As now online E-ticketing has started for the park, due to which Disney is getting some late visitors. This internet booking has increased its business further. Galaxy’s Edge is also trying to improve its business by throwing their merchandise in the market. Iger is still very much optimistic, which is driving their team to another level. He is usually considering his joining of two lands a success.

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