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Did you know how marvel ables to convert an infinity stone into a super avenger?


New Marvel’s Star

Marvel’s Star comic series is coming up with a new Star in January. An entirely new Star with the strangest possible origin. It will be perhaps the most powerful superhero of the Marvel series.See the source image

Origin of the superhero

The source of this superhero is going to be from one of the infinity stones. That is why it will be the most powerful superhero and have an entirely new origin. The infinity stone makes her the reality itself. Reality stone is the source of the modern superhero.

Infinity stones

Initially, the Soul Gems Are the infinity stones in the Marvel’s comics. In Jim Starlin’s Warlock, we get the first appearance of Infinity stones where Thanos tries to destroy the stars with the help of Infinity stones. The most powerful among them is Reality stone.See the source image

Star AKA Ripley Ryan

A former reporter in New York has a secret identity. She interviewed captain Marvel on the invitation of Tony Stark. She was the only survivor of Minn Erva’s experiment. She seemed like a polite young woman. Ripley believes that saving people makes them weaker.

Reality stone

It is the most potent infinity stone among all. It represents the fabric of reality. The Reality Stone is a relic of one of the six singularities of the universe. It possesses the power to band the laws of reality and physics. It converts matter into dark matter.

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