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Creepy: Rapper T.I. Often CHECKS His Daughter VIRGINITY by Shooting her Gynecologist Each Year


We all are aware of the fact that how much celebrities affect society and sometimes they do such shameful things.

Such is the case of famous rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., commonly known as TI. Recently he revealed an unimaginable, shocking truth.

On the set of Ladies Like Us podcast in front of fans, the rapper revealed that every year he, along with his daughter, visits a gynaecologist to acknowledge that his daughter is still a virgin. On the show, he also admitted that his daughter, Deyjah’s hymen is still intact. This was not the end. He also went on acknowledging that to confirm his daughter’s virginity; he also accompanied her on her 18th birthday.See the source image

And because of his comments on her daughter’s virginity, fans are a lot angry. The result of this comment is that now the Marvel Studios’ Antman star has to face a lot of backlash from the fans all around.

Fans also pointed out the irony that most of his songs are filled with sexual contents only.

The hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham from the podcast first thought that he was joking, but when the rapper started giving details about their yearly visit to the gynaecologist, they were shocked.

Harris’s daughter Deyjah has graduated from high school and is 18 years old. In the sequence, he added that he entrapped Harris to share the details from the doctors. Though he admitted that maintaining their professionalism, the doctors didn’t provide any information. And then he used to coax Harris and made doctors believe that the patient has full consent in sharing the information.

This episode of the podcast has been removed from the primary platform, and the hosts apologised for the incident on Instagram. Also, fans asked Deyjah to speak for herself to which she just replied: I love yall.


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