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A Woman Was Found Wounded By Gunshot On Her Stomach At East Baltimore


A woman was found wounded in East Baltimore. She was shot on her stomach. The passersby saw her open wound and transferred her to the nearby hospital for urgent medical needs.


This incident happened on Friday. The police were called as soon as the gunshot was heard. At present, her medical condition is unknown. The police are further investigating as to who and why the criminal shot her.

The victim is an 18-year-old woman. No further details about her have been revealed. It occurred at the 1800 block in east Baltimore. At the moment, the first priority is to save the victim’s life. Then, they can extract all the hidden details and capture the criminal. There weren’t many witnesses to this case as is seems that the killer had successfully escaped. The criminal can run all around but can’t hide what he/she has done. The police will surely figure it out in no time and capture the criminal.


As for now, not much matter is given to us. This news circulates around the world, and that’s all for now, this moment. Maybe in a span of a few days, the criminal may be revealed and traces to find him, or she may be found.

Also, within a few days, the victim will be cured and finally be able to walk around. She can be strong enough to face her criminal and help the police sort out the puzzles to find the suspect.

Criminals today won’t be free criminals tomorrow.  The police play its duty well enough and won’t let any thief, robber, murderer, or criminal run away. The crimes done today will be healed all tomorrow.

Therefore, we should be both brave and patient to deal with circumstances such as this. Though the victim has been hurt, and the criminal may now roam freely, he or she will be soon caught. He or she will be caught on the same day as the victim gets cured and healed. Hopefully, the victim will be fine, and the criminal shall soon be behind bars.

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