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Venom 2 Starring Tom Hardy Soon Hit The Cinemas, Release Date, Interesting Story Line, And New Cast 


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As the success of Spider-Man spin-off Venom starring Tom Hardy, it was confirmed that there will be a sequel for sure. What will be there in the sequel? Will other characters return? There will be a new villain? A new plot twist? The fans are excited to get all the detailed news. 

When can we see Venom 2 in the cinema?

Though the makers have not confirmed the official release date. Sources said that the sequel part will release probably on 2nd October 2020. The sources also revealed that the shooting of Venom 2 started on 18th November of 2019 at Warner Brothers, Watford, England. 

Who will be in the cast?

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It is quite obvious that tom hardy will be returning in the Venom 2 as Eddie Brock. The producer of Venom 2 Amy Pascal said that one cannot think of venom 2 without tom hardy. Once you see Tom doing this character, sitting in the bathtub of lobsters you will not be able to think about anyone else doing the character of Eddie Brock. 

Will Spider-Man be in Venom 2?

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Since Sony and Marvel split over Spider-Man and is no longer together. At some point, we expect both the characters to come together.  

Who’s making Venom 2?

The director of the first film Ruben Fleischer is now busy making the sequel of Zombieland. Andy Serkis the actor-director is now making this sequel of Venom. Serkis has a lot of experience in terms of motion and animation techniques since the movie Venom is mostly based on animation and visuals. The Oscar-winning cinematographer will be joining the team of Venom 2 who was awarded for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. So, we can expect more visual variation. 

“It’s a fantastic franchise and I’m honored to be asked to direct it,” the director of Venom 2 said. He said that this movie will be an extraordinary piece as Tom Tardy is also involved in the writing part with Kelly Marcel. 

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