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Spoiler Reported About Batman’s True Foe, You Should Definitely Know


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There are severe spoilers about Batman#82, which is written by Tom King, Mikel Janin, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles. The spoiler may reveal some unexpected turns for the fans. And we are curious, aren’t we?

Who is this ultimate foe?

Batman is busy with Bane for a very long time. In the past several months, Bane has struck a nerve on our beloved Dark Knight.  But it was all a setup by Batman. Now in Batman#82, Batman has put Bane in his place with the help of Catwoman.

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Batman reunited with Catwoman and took Bane down. Now the veil has been turned, and a new face has emerged who will be the ultimate mastermind behind Bane too. This person is none other than the Flashpoint Batman Thomas Wayne. Thomas was not serving Bane’s needs. No, not at all. The Flashpoint Batman is none other than Bruce’s father. He is revealed as the true foe of Bruce Wayne.

 Spoiler Reported About Batman's True For, You Should Definitely Know
Batman and Bane

Thomas Wayne and his manipulations:-

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Yes, we all know Batman tricked Bane to remove his venom apparatus. And then he smartly injects super venom in him trying to put an end to Bane drama. But Bane is momentarily strengthened and gives a hard fight to Batman. The interference by Catwoman injures him, and as Batman was going to kill Bane, he is shot dead by Thomas, who does not want his son to kill. He wants to reunite his family, but he is blind to the idea of Batman and Bruce being the same and still being happy.

Thomas is very manipulating, and out of his association with Bane, he only wanted a reunion with his son Bruce and The Bat mantle. Now that he is closer to his goal, he killed Bane. Batman’s father is trying to play with the emotions of his son to force him to give up the Batman costume with the help of an emotion-manipulating Psycho villain. This turn of events will lead to Father-son rivalry we all want to explore.

Thomas really wants his son to be happy, and he thinks that taking the title of Batman from his son will make Bruce happy. But he is a little selfish here and does not know what Bruce really wants. The misconception will lead to an interesting storyline, which will make the fans more crazy about our Dark Knight.

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