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Most Awaited Ozark Season 3 Coming To Netflix, We Have Every Latest Update For You


The American crime drama web television series, Ozark, has sparked curiosity in every Ozark fan’s mind ahead of the release of season three on Netflix. Season two offered a lot with Marty and Wendy involved in transgressions, which looked like the downward spiral is set to prolong for few more years.

When is Ozark coming back for Season 3?

Jason Bateman, the protagonist of the show, took to Twitter for the announcement of the third season with ten episodes. However, the gloom still prevails as we do not know when it’s going to arrive on Netflix. Since the production didn’t carry out until March 2019, it’s unlikely that the third installment will be aired before early 2020 at the earliest.

Who is the cast for season 3?

According to the announcement by Netflix, up-and-comer Madison Thompson will join the cast as Erin, Helen’s wilful teenage daughter. A couple of Marvel Tv stars who are left redundant by Netflix could be seen in the forthcoming show. Tom Pelphrey from Iron Fist and Jessica Frances Dukes from Jessica Jones will share the screen as series regulars. The entire Byrde family, including Jason Bateman and Laure Linney, is most likely to return in the series ahead.

What could Season 3 be about?

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As told to The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunner, Chris Mundy, reveals that this time, Ruth Langmore will make her best attempt to have proximity with the Byrdes family. Ruth will be more confident but is also grateful to Marty, who was the first person to believe her and shoulder her responsibilities. According to Chris, in the quest to get closer to the Byrde family, she explores the reason to be a Byrde. Mundy also confirmed that Wendy’s brother, who was hinted to have a mental illness in the early shows, will be added to the cast and will prove a strong presence.

What else do I need to know about Ozark?

Mundy assured that if their plans work well, the show will run for five seasons. He has no preset ideas for a proper ending of the show. He hopes Netflix copes up with him in giving the story the “emotional ending” it requires.

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