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Kim Kardashian west says”taking away instagram like will be beneficial for mental health


The beauty Kim Kardashian have been applauding for her beauty, but do you all know that she also suffers from mental stress. wait here. It doesn’t mean she has any medical issues. We are talking about mental stress that celebrity suffers from some obsessed comment.

Recently the beauty attends the new york DealBook conference, where she opens up about the mental distress she suffered from obsessive comment. Kim says, “i am extremely strong mentally, but some obsessive comment makes me feel distressed,” she spoke this sitting beside her mother, Kris Jenner.

Kim talks about the new instagram function, which the app is testing that all the likes and views are hidden, which is coming on the post, although the follower will not be able to see the likes, the user will be able to access his or her account.

Kim has become conscious of social media after she was robbed in a hotel room in new york in Oct 2016. She said today everyone came to know my place because of my posts and tweets. Now, this is affecting my personal life the yummy mummy of four children opens up about mental health without any hesitation she said that sometimes some obsessive comment also affects my children mental status.

Kim becomes very anxious about mental strength after August 2018 when she launched her first facebook fundraiser for child health institute that shows that “beauty is not only external but internal also, Kim mentions that most of the kids in the US suffer from mental illness, anxiety, distress, ASDS and for overcoming it they need better diagnosis as mental health is most important in each and everyone life and some useless comment can cause pain in children mind so taking away likes would be beneficial for healthy brain.

Kim’s west husband, Kenny west, also supports this and talks about his diagnosis. Well, Kim, we hope you receive the kind comments for mental health and keep entertaining us.

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