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Avengers:Endgame actually casted Hela as more powerful than Thanos


Universally famous and much-celebrated film series – The Avengers has been a treasure to the Marvel Comics. The Marvel universe has a huge fan base throughout the world.

It is interesting how the stories of various superheroes from the Marvel universe have been intertwined and stitched together to form The Avengers.

You all must remember Hela, right? She is the Goddess of Death, as shown in the third part of Thor’s story- Thor: Ragnarok. The movie made it pretty clear to the audience that Hela was the most dangerous threat faced by the God of Thunder, Thor. Even after putting in all his efforts and power Thor could not defeat Hela. The only thing that could stop Hela was Surtur. When Surtur was resurrected, he ended up destroying Asgard and killed Hela.See the source image

On the other hand, we have the infamous character of Thanos, who posed a fierce competition to Captain America. In the movie The Avengers: End Game Thanos put up a fantastic fight against Captain America, who is known to be one of the toughest superheroes, equalling to Thor.


Is it true that Thanos is the most powerful being in the Marvel universe?

Now, here comes another debate regarding Thanos: is he the most powerful being? Well, it is a legitimate point that Thanos was defeated only when all the superheroes if the Marvel Universe came together to fight him. But, Hela’s fall was a result of Surtur’s rise. Technically, Thor never defeated Hela. As portrayed in Thor: Ragnarok, Hela was undefeatable. Infact, Thanos acquired his powers by collecting the infinity stones; without them, he did not pose much threat to the Avengers.

In The Avengers, the fact that Thor came much closer to killing Thanos than the time when he fought Hela in Thor: Ragnarok proves that Hela was more powerful than Thanos.

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