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What Is Missing In Horizon Zero Down 2 What Fans Really Wants From Horizon Sequel


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Guerilla Game’s “Horizon Zero Dawn”, is a great success, earned huge applause and sold around 10 million copies of the same in a period of fewer than two years on PS-4.
This game was amongst the people’s choice for its adventure, combat, thrill, and the expedition to uncover the past of Ally.
As the first part proved to be a success, the developers are on their way to create its sequel.Image result for Horizon Zero Dawn 2

In a recent interview with podcast shows and discussion, the voice cast revealed about the upcoming part, making it clear about the next sequel of its series.

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Points to Ponder

However, apart from the success gained from the first part, the second sequel still have to go a long way. The first sequel, apart from the thrill and adventure, earned some criticism. The points to ponder were based on the character sketch of the designed characters, and the combat modes of its fight. This first sequel being a reality check, provided to develop a well-framed storyline and animation.

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While keeping these features in mind, Guerilla Games have a dividend of four groups committed to making the dazzling situations of Horizon. One group centres around the production of lavish and staggering vegetation peruse the posting, which explicitly plans to employ a Technical Vegetation Artist.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn 2’ is on its way with its experienced designers, animators, architects of its programming to smash the gaming floor.
The first sequel is perfect, but the second segment is going to shine in its way.
Moreover, the characters and their characteristics is of immense importance to maintain its position in the people’s choice.
The release date is yet not known but is expected to interact within next year next to PS-5, and maybe with PS-4 too. The enthusiasts are waiting for the next segment of the earlier sequel. Hoping for something more exciting and amusing to themImage result for Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Thus, spectators are waiting for the best, which is yet to come, and developers are advocating the structure in the best possible way. To crave it ultimately with perfection.

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