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Justin Bieber Went On A Solo Road Trip Because Of Selena Gomez According To Fans


An event which makes a  buzz amongst the fans on the dramatic triangle love of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Selena’s recent song ‘Lose You to Love Me’ made everyone in the world to stop dead. It made people think about how Bieber was easily able to switch from Selena to Hailey.

Fans’ confirmation
Though the song release had happened two weeks ago, her fans seem not to give up. They are upset over Beiber’s reaction to Selena. Selena’s fans confirm that the song is entirely about him. If you hadn’t heard the song, do not forget to listen to it.

Justin and IG
Justin, on his Instagram profile, had uploaded his solitary road trip. He had mentioned that it was time to get back to his wife. But the picture uploaded by him had nothing to do with Selena.

Selena fans’ comments
The die-hard fans of Selena who were not able to see their favourite couple separated started to comment to his pic.
Some of the notable comments would be against the Justin and Hailey pair.

Justin Bieber Went On A Solo Road Trip Because Of Selena Gomez According To Fans
Selena Gomez

The comments meant that he had wanted to talk with Selena but he couldn’t. There was a comment on why Selena’s song remains No.1. They suggested that Justin would have played the song 1M times.

Justin, Hailey and Selena
Justin had heard the song, which is a known fact. But he hadn’t made any comment on it publicly. Though the married couple knows that the song refers to Justin, they do not want to react. Justin and Hailey can understand Selena that she has her own way to reflect her past. They always want her to remain happy.

The Chapter is Closed and done
The fan’s wish had never become true. We should also try to move on. According to Selena, the Chapter has been already closed and done. Her fans also should not keep on opening the chapter. So let it remain closed and let us all move on.

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