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Brad Pitt Still In Love With Angelina Jolie, That’s Why He Prevented Her From Moving Abroad


Do you hear about the battle of custody between Brad Pitt(55) and Angelina Jolie(44)? Their statements made social media to run all over the world.

Brad Pitt isn’t happy on listening to the words of his ex Angelina Jolie from an interview given to “Harper’s Bazaar” on November 5th. He thinks that she would not be able to go abroad because of him, from her statements. But on the other hand, stories are moving around that say ” Brad Pitt Still in Love With Angelina Jolie, That’s Why He Preventing Her From Moving Abroad.”

Angelina Jolie says she is unable to go abroad by blaming her ex Brad Pitt. The star is a mother of six children, namely Maddox of 18, Pax of 16, Zahara of 14, Shiloh of 13, twins of 11-year-old, Knox and Vivienne. She doesn’t want to move abroad until all her kids turn 18, in an interview, she said “having to base where their father chooses to live” published on “Harper’s Bazaar” on November 5th.

David T. Pisarra, California’s family lawyer, commented on this discussion “Unless the court sees that Brad is an unfit parent somehow, if there is evidence of child abuse or drug/alcohol abuse by Brad, then it’s unlikely a judge would grant Angelina sole custody.” Since Angelina and Brad Pitt split up, Angelina takes care of her children. She would fly abroad when her children turn 18.

Why did they split?
Well, to know the reason we have to move to 2016. On a flight, Brad Pitt lost control of himself and clashed his elder son Maddox. The couple jointly applied for divorce.

The court decided Angelina Jolie and her children stay away from Brad Pitt. At present, Brad Pitt wasn’t happy with the words of Angelina Jolie. Also, Angelina doesn’t allow her six children to stay with Brad Pitt or leave them and move abroad.

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