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‘Titans’ Unveils ‘Blackfire’ As ‘The Great Villain’ In Its Latest Episodes


All comic lovers have been excited and eagerly waiting for the latest upcoming episodes of Titans, making it more thrilling as it is going to bring something unexpected in the upcoming episodes.

So, finally its out for its fan bringing and unveiling the sister of Starfire, ‘Blackfire’ as the ‘great villain’ of the story this time. Starfire has been introduced initially as the heroine of the story as Starfire being the most adorable child of her family, making it the reason for envy to her sister Blackfire.

Faddie, another character introduced in the story as Starfire’s bodyguard and lover, could be seen in the latest episodes of Titans as totally under the control of the villain ‘Black fire.’ After this, Starfire gets bound to kill Faddie in order to free him from her villain sister’s grip. Then, Blackfire visits her sister Starfire in a hologram to reveal her evil intentions and how and why Black fire killed her parents just to get the possession of the throne that actually belonged to her sister Starfire.

Ultimately, the comic story will show how Starfire takes a vow to take revenge from her evil sister Blackfire. The comic is all set to bring a series of new stories about how and what revenge Starfire takes from her villain sister Blackfire, making it more thrilling in the coming time for its fans. The comic is all set for its fans to take for an exciting and thrilling ride and experience of the DC comic universe series. So, go and experience the Titans of the DC world.

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