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Pokemon Anime Shares Gou’s First Look In Action


Well! The new series of Pokemon is reported to premiere on this 17th November in Japan, and the fans are cheered and delighted to watch the new protagonist, Gou. With this, it will shortly be commencing the new phase of Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Pokemon’s franchise has been consistently sprinting for more than 20 years and had broadcasted over 1000 episodes of the same.

As it’s been already acknowledged by Ash to his very first Pokemon league championship,  the new role has created a new ambiance for the spectators to think about the twists yet to come. Also, in the latest fired trailer, the new look has verified the first impression of Gou in action.

Gou and the little scorbunny

The new story which would be commenced by our new protagonist has a long way to go, and also, with this, there emerges a challenge for the creators to stabilize the time amid the two protagonists. 

Despite the potential options as has been earlier reflected in the trailer, Gou decides to have a scorbunny as his first Pokemon partner. 

As the new edifice of this new phase of the Pokemon series appears really interesting, all its share belongs to Ken Sugimori for designing it and  Daiki Yamashita for its pleasing voice.

The fusion of the new Cast

The trailer has in itself enough to talk about Gou and Ash, but the introduction of new characters such as  Yuichi Nakamura as Professor Sakuragi, Kana Hanazawa as Jessie, Shinichiro Miki as James and Inuko Inuyama as Meowth,  has a lot of thrilling moments to talk about. 

However,  claims have also been made the appearance of the old characters in the upcoming premiere. Therefore, making it a fusion that we have no idea about, so we can only imagine it to be something remarkable!!

It has also been confirmed for the series, the selected staff consisting of series director, creative supervisor, sound director, etc, taking care of every element of this series for making it a great success!

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