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Jason Momoa “Animal Abuser”?


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Jason Momoa was recently caught feeding an oreo to a 900 pounds grizzly bear. The Game of Thrones star was recently caught feeding a Kodiak bear with a cookie while shooting for his latest tv series.

He is playing a character in the Apple TV series called “See.” For this, he was required to fight a grizzly bear.

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The Aquaman star single-handedly fought the bear for the series and was later trolled for feeding him an oreo. His social media was filled with comments of people asking him to get educated and release the bear in the wild. People are also saying the bear or any animal be caged and used in this manner for entertainment purposes.

The huge Kodiak grizzly bear weighs around 900 pounds, and the 40 years old actor decided to feed him an oreo to show him bond with him.

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He released a clip of himself going in the front of the bear with an oreo in his mouth and asking the bear to take it. The bear, in return, also licked his face.

The See actor immediately licked off the saliva from his face and is shown scared as well as thrilled.  He also commented, saying “things we do for art.”

He tried to show how much artists have to work on perfecting the art they practice too. But this was black lashed by people calling him an abuser.

He is asked to get educated and learn to respect the animals and not abuse them for his purposes. People are saying, “This is not how you act or use animals.”

He also attended the Ellen show, where he mentioned his character of Baba Voss, who is blind and fights a bear.

The show premiers soon, and Jason has asked everyone to watch it.

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