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The Rapper Kanye West provides Free Tickets for his Concert


Sunday Service Concert

There are these rumors that Kanye West is providing free tickets for one of his shows. But will this be true or just a beautiful dream. But ofcourse yes this is not a dream anymore. Kanye will be providing free tickets for his upcoming concert. This concert is based on his Sunday Service Concert Series.

The specific program will be taking place in the Aretha Franklin amphitheater in Detroit on Friday. Although many of the news have claimed that Kanye was about to release his new album on thid day. But on Wednesday we got the information that the release will not be taking place right now.

For this concert Kanye had invited many musical bands who would join him. It seems to be a great show. Many fans are already too excited about the concert. So to make their heart go light we have more great news. The news is that the fans can grab the tickets online.

source: vibes

And this is surely going to save their time. So what is the need to wait. All people just need to check into Ticketmaster at 10 a.m on Thursday.

The show will be starting in the afternoon on Friday. Although the gates will be opened at 11 a.m. This report was provided by spokesperson of Chenne park. Recent services by Kanye were held in Chicago, Atlanta etc.

The songs are the reinterpretation of the gospel. The album which was about to release was by the name of Jesus is King. But due to certain reasons it is postponed.

Fans will be eagerly waiting for all the fun that they might be catching up in the concert. And who does not want to get near to God through music. And when the Music is organized by none other than Kayne West.

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