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‘Shotti’ the former manager of 6ix9ine tells he’ll shoot 6ix9ine


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A recorded audio of the phone call conversation between Kifano ‘Shotti’ Jordan and A high Rating Nine Trey Blood gang members came out to media and went viral. The audio says that they both were not satisfied with 6ix 9ine.

It seemed seemed Shotti and Myra were displeased with Tekashi 69 a.k.a 6ix 9ine.Tamel “Mell Murda” Jones was a member of high ranking Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and Kifano “Shotti” was former manager of who worked for a famous 23year-old-star. 

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In the recorded clip it seemed that Mell Murda and Shotti were not happy with 6ix 9ine. In that call they both expressed their frustration on 6ix 9ine for his alleged snitching. In the call Mell Murda said “[6ix 9ine] is trying to snitch at the same time”. But he kept saying “‘F**k Treyway’,’F**k that n***a’, Treyway. Ain’t no n***a, Treyway’.

‘Fuck Treyway…’.He also added F**k, you aint make the Trey, we make you. You wouldn’t be shit without Trey”. Shott expressed the same feeling on 6ix 9ine. He even said “I’na feed though”.(Laughing).

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source: xxl mag

By the words of US prosecutors “feed” means shoof (they believed).

Well in November 2018 6ix9ine arrested on racketeering charges. He was taken into custody under 9 charges and faced a minimum of 17 years  in prison. Most recently Nine Trey Blood Gang members. Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack.

Tested 6ix9ine. In that 6ix 9 ine allegedly said that he would be released in 2020. Then Nuke asked “If you get him served you’d get out at the beginning of next year, correct?”. To this question 6ix 9ine answered “Correct”.

After 6ix9ine being approved it was expected that he’d be released in 2020. As he became against the members of Nine Trey Blood Gang members and Cardi B and also by the phone conversation between Shotti and Mel Murda.

Police suspect that they would kill him. To this Police department came up with a solution witness protection program. By this all the tattoos on 6ix 9ine will be removed and hair will be cut down so he’ll be sent anywhere with different identification.

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