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Rumors revealed and explained about the surrogate endings for IT Chapter two


IT chapter two, a horror movie based on the writings of Stephen King and was directed by Andres Muschietti is now banging in worldwide box office. It got a good response from the audience and got good collection. It joined,1 billion club and expected to acquire the second position as most collected R-rated movie.

IT chapter one contained half of the story. It showed the story of ‘7 kids their group called Losers and how they teamed up to kill PennyWise. As a continuation of that story of the Losers gathering together after 27years again to kill the PennyWise properly, who has returned (don’t know how).

In chapter two the losers killed PennyWise in a proper way. But they showed that Eddie died in the last battle with PennyWise.

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IT chapter two is now still in cinemas and doing well. Rumors are common  everywhere right. Like that, IT chapter two had some rumors recently.  Rumors spread that it has an alternate ending in which Richie Tozies will die in the end along with Eddie.

Well all these started from the post made by James Ransone, who played adult ‘Eddie Kaspbrak’. He posted a picture on instagram which was taken from the set of IT. It includes a flyer with Richie Tozier, with a caption “in loving memory of Richard Tozier“.

This made people that there will be an alternate ending. Well the movie changed the character of Richie, to look better in the movie the showed Richie was a gay. But it was revealed at the end of the IT chapter two. For now it was known that director Andres changed the character of Richie mostly because to make movie more interesting.

As we all know that rumors are common for anything not even cinemas or any other things. People show interest in them because they are entertaining. They create a curiosity to people about what they are thinking.

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