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Joker to now release in India on October 2, will clash with Hrithik Roshan’s War


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When it comes to the movies, the spectators, audience, fans all become so excited to see their favourite heroes, superheroes. This is not about just one genre that everyone likes only romantic, actions, adventures, mysteries or thriller.

It is about what kind of movies are liked by their fans. Sometimes adventure and thriller movies reach on the list or sometimes even with simple plot and story reach on the list.

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Recently the news came that Joker and War, both movies are releasing on the same date. However, the movie Joker by Joaquin Phoenix was expected to release in India on 4 Oct but it is releasing two days before earlier than expected.

It would be a very tough decision for the audience to watch both of them together. Because they don’t wish to miss them. Both of the movies are coming with full of suspense, mysterious, action, thriller, and full of excitements.

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Warner Bros. India tweeted the news from their official handle. “Joker Movie will now release in India on Wednesday, October 2nd, two days ahead of its initial scheduled release,” read the tweet. This was tweeted about the movie that it would be a clash with Hrithik Roshan’s War and Telugu action epic Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy.

source: hindustan times

Joker is a chronical series which talks about the life of Arthur Flex (Phoenix), whose mental health rapidly deteriorates, and he gravitates towards the world of criminality. It was screened at the Venice film festival and received an eight-minute standing ovation.

The film holds an 86 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus is, “Joker gives its infamous central character a chillingly plausible origin story that serves as a brilliant showcase for its star and a dark evolution for comics-inspired cinema.”

Where both the movies from Tollywood and Bollywood are coming with a mix of actions, war, adventurous journey of the protagonist character, how he becomes a spy to find the other one spy who is going on the under the zone of the different world.

If it is about just clashing the dates with each other, the audience will manage somehow to watch these movies but must watch. Let’s see how it gathers together and receives the comments and reviews from the audience. But, all over it is going to be full of enthusiasm and excitement for the moviegoers and movies too.

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