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Ashton Kutcher Reaction Against Demi Moore Allegations Against Him


Ashton’s Reactions

Demi moore is heard to on trending news these days. There have been many uproars regarding her allegations against ex husband. Now the question arises as to what are those allegations. The allegations are that Ashton Kutcher had an affair with Pilates instructor. And he had asked Demi for threesome with his new affair.

But Ashton has totally denied the fact. According to him he was never into such affairs and all these are fake rumours. It is expected to be stunt that is played by Demi Moore just to seek attention.

source: msn.com

Ashton is now happily married with Mila Kunis and have little children too. They have been enjoying life like a happy family. So the news is obviously to bring a thunderstorm in their happy life. Ashton in one of the statement makes it clear that he is way out of this matter.

Not only this we have many fans on the side of Ashton Kutcher. We can see them totally supporting him. There were many reactions that have given positive hope. And these would have surely uplifted Ashton’s mood too. Some had said that Demi has been doing all this just was the sake of gaining attention. While others warn him and tell him to ignore all such rumours.

According to them, Ashton do have a family and he have a responsibility towards them. He cannot be wasting his time on such talks. He have small children who need him more than anyone. And on the other hand Demi Moore will not understand this as her kids are big now, says the fans.

So we can see the majority side as who is on the stronger edge. However it has helped Ashton getting a strong back and great confidence. And he can now walk more happier.

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