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Tom Cruise Becomes The DCEU’s Green Lantern In Incredible Image


Tom Cruise enters a distinct quite “Danger Zone” as the Hal Jordan version of the DC Comics hero Green Lantern during this design that imagines the character’s DCEU debut.

Thanks to a star-making character in Top Gun, wherever he played Pete Mitchell, an assertive however talented air force pilot, Tom Cruise has been ordinarily fans forged as Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who shares a number of those traits, however is generally simply and extremely nice pilot.

Whereas he’s older than most of the actors which might normally be up for this type of a role, Tom Cruise infamously ages extremely slowly, consequently as long as he’s in form, fans believe that he’d suit the role of a superhero simply fine.

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Instagram user “HJXArt” has come back up with a latest photoshop job showcasing what Tom Cruise would seem like sporting tights and a mask as a Green Lantern of the DCEU.

The design options a style that has components that were missing from the Ryan Reynolds iteration of the character within the Green Lantern adaptation that — because the 2 Deadpool movies perpetually prompt the audience — he’d rather forget. See Tom Cruise as Green Lantern for the DCEU below.

Tom Cruise antecedently tried his hand at Cinematic universes with the lead role of The Mummy, which ultimately led to some issues down the road as he, the director, and also the studio couldn’t come back to an agreement on the sort of film that they needed to create. Hopefully, if he were cast because the DCEU’s Green Lantern, things would re-evaluate far more easily for Tom Cruise.

Green Lantern Corps is one of many specific projects which is being actively developed for the DCEU. Stay tuned for the newest news on Tom Cruise, Green Lantern Corps and also the way forward for the DCEU!

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