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Rockstar games will make GTA 6 Exclusive


Will GTA 6 be exclusive to Rockstar launcher?

Like other game launchers, Rockstar games have also displayed its launcher. Epic games is one of the the fine example of such platform. Rockstar has been selling its loved game Grand Theft Auto 5. It is beinwloved by the fans and is selling at good prices.

Same like these launchers, Rockstar games will also be doing it. It will make many of the games exclusive which will surely help in gaining huge success for the Rockstar games. The storefronts just sell those games online which belong to the particular company.

Will GTA 6 stay its part?

Like many other games. It is the question which is everyone’s heart as to which are those pc who will support the game. GTA has been ine of the most popular games. So changing anything regarding the game might not affect its sale.

source: softpedia news

When the game was previously sild through steam, it always lost its 20-30% which is equal to $10 per copy of the GTA game. This was the issue which had occurred with the previous GTA 5.

But this issue did not effect the sales to any extend. There was one more game named as Metro Exodus which suffered a great loss after it was made exclusive.

Previously there was some technical issues which were faced by GTA 5.These issues got some criticism by the fans but later they were forgotten and tge game continued making profit as always.

Though the company would be earning a lot of many profit after making GTA 6 exclusive. We can do nothing more than just waiting for its launch. And then see people’s reactions.

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