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PS5 and PS5 Pro to launch Together- Truth or Just a Rumour?


Rumour that is Heard

There has besn thus news going all the way round that the PS5 and PS5 Pro will be launched side by side. This rumour was taken into notice by the journalist Zenji Nishikawa. It was during one of the statement that was captured by him in the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in Yokohama, Japan.

But it is not yet confirmed that how much truth kies in these particular lines or words. We know this well enough that PS have never disappointed any of its customers. Instead it always provides features that are worth spending some bucks.

All About PS Versions

As we all are familiar with the loyalty of a customer towards the PS series. According to some thoughts it is also referred under the category of goods for conspicuous consumption. It is kind of difficult to understand. And ofcourse why will it not be. The term ‘conspicuous consumption’ is an technical word meaning goods that are bought just for the sake of liking or social status.

source: gamebyte

No offence, but IOS also does the same to the customers. People always go for the higher model even after having the highest one with them. Same like these the previous PS4 versions were also the same. With little modification from the earlier versions.

But it is loved by the customers so it is one of the best sold devices. The solid state drive will be present in PS5 to cut loading images time. There not much explanation provided by Nishikawa on the particular statement.

How Much Truth?

As we have already discussed that this is not yet confirmed as to what the statement means. But atleast we can get an idea about the launch of the PS5 and the Pro versions.

Even if it does not release one after the another than it will surely be releasing some time later. And this is surely a talk which have already created excitment in everyone’s heart.

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