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Multiple deaths occurred in Bryce Canyon, in a bus crash


Last Friday an accident occurred in Bryce Canyon. It was a tour bus crash that took away the lives of 4 people and it was said that at least 30 people were seriously injured as per the information given by the KUTV. It was expected that there would be more injured people in that mountain range. 

Bryce Canyon is one of the famous national parks situated in Southern Utah. It’s a well known and attracts most of the tourists all over the world. This park is very well known for its spire shaped rock formation.

As per the story line of KUTV, the bus pounded a hard rail and the bus rolled over the barrier. This incident took place on September 20. 

A few moments after, Utah highway patrol tweeted “Troopers are enroute to a tour bus crash near Bryce Canyon on SR-12 multiple air ambulances and rescue teams have been dispatched. We’ll update as more information comes in. Please avoid the area and let first responders work”,

source: usa today

The Salt Lake Tribune stated that the crash occurred at just there’s miles away from the park. As per the information given by local civilians and examining the roads it can be known that the State Road 12 was mountainous roads. Danny Perkins, the Garfield County Sheriff reported that the bus was full when it started. Troopers are in their way in searching all other tourists.

Right at the accident spot, kutv declared that 4 people died in the crash. But it was not clear that the missing ones could be dead. We can’t expect that to happen. And it was clear that almost all the tourists were from China

Well, the investigation is still going on. But for now the reason behind the crash was still unclear and it was clear that no other vehicles involved in this crash.

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