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Is really Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man in Black Widow?


Rumors started revolving around Robert Downey Jnr showing in Marvel’s Black Widow movie when pointing explicitly the news in an article regarding the 2019 Saturn Award winners last week.

The line aforesaid, “Downey are seen within the role of Stark an extra time, however, within the Marvel prequel Black Widow in the month of May 2020.”

Without a supply of proof to stay up that sentence or the other details, it’s unclear whether or not Downey will, in fact, be at the film, and if so, will he be shooting new scenes for the film or will he be seen in past footage?

At San Diego Comic-Con, IGN’s Jim Vejvoda saw the primary footage from Black Widow and endorsed a clip was shown of Tony Stark and Natasha (Black Widow) conversing – however it had been previous footage from Captain America: Civil War, once Tony tells Natasha, “They are coming for you.”

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Stranger Things’ David Harbour plays Red Guardian within the coming movie, confirmed to IGN that Black Widow takes place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Due to this confirmation, it’s hid if the Captain America: civil war footage was simply shown to tell the audience at SDCC once Black Widow takes place at the MCU timeline, if there will be a flashback at intervals in the movie that features Iron Man, or if Marvel are repurposing previous civil war footage that terminated up being cut from that film.

There’s additionally an opening that Downey is gonna shoot new Iron Man scenes for Marvel’s Black Widows, however from IGN’s analysis, we couldn’t notice something confirming that speculation to be a reality. We have a tendency to reached Disney for any clarification on the matter however failed to hear back by the time of publishing.

Black Widow is to be released in theatres on first of May, 2020 and is a component of Marvel’s part four lineup that was declared at SDCC this past July.

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