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Is it even possible to connect ‘13 Reasons Why’ to teen suicide?


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Netflix freshly released the third season of “13 Reasons Why,” and also the Salt Lake City school division has already posted home a letter to parents pleading them to restrain their kids from looking the show.

In season one, that was unloaded in 2017, the protagonist died by suicide. After that, studies have emerged concerning the results of the show, and the media has cared for the findings with threatening headlines. In response to public anxiety, Netflix altered out the initial suicide scene this past July month.

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Many people especially parents across the country worry that, in looking the show, children may well be impressed, consciously or subconsciously, to mimic the characters – what’s referred to as a “copycat impact.”

Is their concern founded?

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We know a lot of teens are dying by suicide over the past decade. however, as suicide researchers, we tend to conjointly shrewdness troublesome it’s to research the causes.

Determining whether or not a fictional TV show has any impact on suicide is that way more difficult, and plenty of of the studies that have taken off on “13 Reasons Why” leave area for interpretation.

Practical and moral constraints

In 2017, some forty-seven thousand Americans died by suicide, creating it the tenth leading reason for death within the U.S.

In reality, it’s not possible to conduct a causative analysis of media consumption and suicide. For sensible and moral reasons, you couldn’t show one cluster of depressed teens “13 Reasons Why,” forbid the other cluster from seeing it then see what percentage teens from every cluster died by suicide over a succeeding amount of your time.

source: cnn.com

A 2018 study of suicide-related admissions in a very Canadian paediatric hospital found a higher-than-expected admission rate following the release of “13 Reasons Why.” however this increase can’t be positively joined to the show; we tend to don’t apprehend if these youngsters watched it. Also, not all suicide tries lead to hospitalization, thus these results may not capture the total scope of the show’s affiliation to self-harming behaviour.

Talking to viewers

Then there are some researchers who have interviewed those who had previously watched the show.

In one study, researchers spoke with eighty-seven youth with medical conditions; forty-nine percentage of them reportable that they’d seen “13 Reasons Why.” concerning half those that watched the show felt that it created them a lot of self-destructive.

And a 2019 study of 818 school students found those that watched the show understood suicide higher, however, scored no higher on measures of suicide risk than those that didn’t watch it. However, the study passed off many months once participants viewed the show, therefore the results weren’t ready to determine any short risk increase.

A spike in deaths?

In a very study discharged earlier this year within the Journal of the American Academy of kid & Adolescent psychopathology, they found that there was a statistically important spike in suicide deaths among boys ages ten to seventeen within the month following the show’s initial season, that was released on March 2017. There was conjointly a small increase in suicide deaths among women ages ten to seventeen also, however it wasn’t giant enough to be statistically important.


So the incontrovertible fact that “13 Reasons Why” could be a fictional tv drama may mean that the priority is overblown. It’s obtaining all of the attention; meantime, real suicides are still being without showing responsibility coated by the media.

Nonetheless, suicide is such a heavy issue that Netflix is correct to proceed with caution.

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