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Is Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston of ‘Avengers’ at bad terms?


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The Bonding of the Two Brothers

We have seen the complicated bonding of Chris and Tom on the tv screen. In which ‘Loki-God of Mischief’ played by Tom Hiddleston. We can always see both Thor and Loki taunting and fighting each other. But this isn’t the end.

According to one of the statement by Tom Hiddleston in ‘The Late night show with Stephen Colbert’  he was punched by Chris onset. Really wasn’t that a shock! As the onscreen brothers hate each others in the real life too.

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This kind of reaction must be going on in every readers mind at the very moment. Hence the statement is true but there is little modifications. In the show Tom said that he was wearing the cap that Loki usually wears( that with horns).

It was during the shooting of Avengers scenes. He suggested Chris to hit him on the face. And this led to falling down of Tom like a stone. And ofcourse why would not it be. We have seen Chris gyming hard enough. Above this the body he has has.

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source: ny daily news

In the real life both of them share good bonding. The scene might have diverted many readers thoughts to some extend.

The Upcoming Projects

As we all know that Avengers came to an tragic and never forgettable ending. Tragic in the sense that we had to loose our most beloved characters. Bit there are other Characters of Avengers still left who will have their own individual movies or spin-off shows.

Loki is said to get his won series on Disney+ network. In which we will be able to witness the comeback of the God of Mischief. And on the part of Thor, he will be seen in the upcoming movie Thor- Love and Thunder where we might see Natalie Portman taking up the next Thor’s title.

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