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How DC Comic’s Movie ‘Joker’ is Related to Real Life Incidents?


Role of Joaquin Phoenix

One of the most awaited movie of the time that puts light on the dark life of Arthur Flex or ‘Joker’. It tells us about the famous villain of the DC comic. He is the one who plays an ironical role. He laughs by taking other people’s laugh away. He is always been on hitlist of batman.

This role in the movie is played by none othrr than Joaquin Phoenix. He is said to have taken the practice so seriously that he was totally into the character of the joker. And this is well portrayed in the movie. Although the movie is yet not released but we can get an idea from the trailer itself.

Award Acquiring Movie

The movie before its theatrical release has won an award Golden Lion Venice Film Festival. Not only this the movie can also get into buzz for an Oscar grabbing movie. Flex is seen to be one of the loved Jokers of the time.

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What is the Connection with Real Life?

The movie focuses on the life journey of Arthur Flex as how he turned out be Gotham city’s homicidal clown prince. There are various issues that are magnified. These issues are related to mass destruction. The audience and media have questions related to this too.

The questions asked did make Joaquin Phoenix angry. He was literally away from the media for a time being. The questions said that the crimes in flex’s life are same to his real life.

He is said to be one of ill headed person. And the crimes committed also depicts his personality.

A Wait for Audience

Being an audience it is difficult to say or suggest anything for the time being. The movie is about to hit theaters on 4th of October this year itself. So the fans can tell about it through their numerous reviews.

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