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Deadpool 3 will be Ryan Ronald’s next or not?


The Surprise for the Fans

We all have loved the MCU series. Actually loved it like a die hard fan. It has been months now since we saw the Averages Endgame. But the memories are still attached to our heart. We cannot forget the role of any character who has been the part of the series. There were many of them who had left us.

But the departure was only in the movie. In our fantasy imagination and memories we can never leave them apart and away from us anytime.

Although there are various characters who have been selected for the individual movies. Some of them are like Scarlett Johansson who is playing the role of Black widow. We will be watching the individual movies but the bonding of the previous characters will be always missed. The endgame was like the end of an era in itself. But Kevin Feige will never leave the fans in the mood of distress. It seems like he is planning something great for the lovely plans.

source: 9gag

We all have come across the news that we will be able to see Thor in in his upcoming movie ‘ Thor: Love and Thunder’. In this movie we will see Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman pairing with each other. According to some sources Natalie might take up the Thor’s title.

Isn’t this all too exciting? This seems like a Pandora box from where there are various surprises oozing out. One among them is that we will be able to see Deadpool in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. He will be playing the role with Thor aka Chris Hemsworth.

So before entering into the third part of the Deadpool movie we will be watching deadpool in Thor.

So these exciting surprises are waiting for you all way long. It will be atleast for next upcoming years. To get and give love to MCU.

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