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Bill Gates to get his Biography in the Form of Netflix Series


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Inspiration for Microsoft

Bill Gates is the dream which each and every entrepreneur wants to achieve. Its not just the wealth he has but also the master mind he have got. There have been few people like him in the world with such IQ level. He has got everything he ever wanted.

But this was all due to his hardwork and undermined focus towards his aim. The great Microsoft was never built in a day. It took many more years to reach the optimal level. Like all other this one also have a background story.

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Bill Gates and Evans were friends in childhood. They were working on a project. So soon they met Paul Allen. He also became their friend. But there was a tragic death of Evans which led both Bill and Allen into grief. After this they started working hard enough on the Microsoft project.

source: gates notes

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Bill Gates have a lot of it in his life. So Guggenheum thought of making a series out of it. This series will make people aware the facts that lead oneself to the heights of success. And it was eventually achieved by Bill with the help of his friends and family.

People who are given Credit for His Success

First on the list is Evans whom we have read about earlier. Buy now comes the two lady lucks of his life. One is Mary his mother. She is the one who inspired him to climb the stairs of success. Or in one way we can say she pushed him towards it. He today also describes a war fight on the dinning table. But also feels sorry about the same. As he behaved immaturely at that time.

Another woman is none other than his wife. According to her when she met Bill, he was an arrogant man. But later when she knew him. He was a kind and a tender hearted person. She has seen all his dark and bright phases in life.

Maybe after what he has gone through he is developed into this perfect one.

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