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Todd Phillips: We have no plans for ‘joker’ sequel


We have seen many movies in which the character of joker has been played vital role with many superheroes. One of the superhero with whom the character has played a role is Batman, which is full of psychological realm of drama, where the character of Joker is represented as Joker and the other character or what we called superheroes such as batman.

Moreover, the place Gotham which is fictional place, that played one of the major part in the movie that recalled mind philosophies of the director itself. The film received positive reviews by critics, with particular praise for Phoenix’s performance in the character of the Joker.

The character of Joker is seen as mentally ill, impoverished stand up comedian who is disregarded by the society and whose lack of the success causes him to become a rebellious criminal. In one of the interview, the film director said, ” it feels unique, it seems in its own world in some ways, maybe it might as well be the thing that scares you the most”.

Joaquin Phoenix as Fleck or Joker worked hard to fit in the character, even he has lost 24 kg weight for the movie. He also sought to portray a character that audience could not identify with it and did not look to previous Joker actors for inspiration. Instead of such hard work, he read a book about political massacre so he could understand killers and motivation. The audience gave so many positive reviews for the movie.

source: cinemablend

Recently, the news came in which the public were informed about the upcoming movie Joker, he, (the director) has made very clear that there are not any plans to develop a sequel to Joaquin Phoenix starring “Joker” as they intended it to be a standalone story.

Also, in the recent interview to an entertainment media website, the director Phillips said, “We have not planned anything for the sequel of the movie> The quote was, ‘I will do anything Joaquin wants to do. And I would.”

The audience was very excited for the movie which was screened in the theaters, where the role of Joker by Phoenix was seen as one of the most dangerous villain, in iconic DC Comics.

The movie also premiered at the festival on 31st august where the movie received eight minute long standing ovation and it was also screened at the Toronto International film Festival recently. Let’s see, what happens? after so much hard work and determination of the actor itself.

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