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This Choreography will never let us Forget ‘Euphoria’


A Beautiful Show

As we and all the Fans of the Spider-Man actress Zendaya knows this well enough as how much good actress she is. Now she has also wonderfuly played her role in the show ‘Euphoria’.She is playing a role which is very fascinating and her acting has already made many of her fans to kneel down for her.

The show had just completed its first season and this had created a nostalgia in people’s mind. The last episode of the season was worth the time. As it has made a place in everyone heart and are eagerly waiting for another season.

Zendaya’s Beautiful Voice

Zendaya have given her beautiful voice for her and everyone’s beloved show ‘Euphoria’. Labrinth and Zendaya have sung the song ‘All for Us’. The song was beautifully attempted in the form of lyrics which was loved by almost everyone.

source: youtube

The show had left the screen for a while. But will be surely back with another awesome storyline. Till the time we can just listen to the song and connect to its lyrics and feel the soft vibes of show.

Euphoria Themed Choreography

The song ‘All for Us’ which is beautifully slayed by the Zendaya and Labrinth into an appreciating rythem. And this song has not left any single fan to sit quietly on the tune of the song. The song has been beautifully choreographed into a dance by Jake Kodish. The dance have already won heart of millions of people and have become one of the trending videos of the internet.

Now we just have to wait for the next season till that time we can dance to the rhythm.

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