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Netflix’s ‘Living Undocumented’ a docu-series to be produced by Selena Gomez


To be Produced by Selena Gomez Thirteen

‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ which has three of its seasons completed was one of the loved series in Netflix. This series was produced by Selena Gomez. We have seen that Selena Gomez always tries to put light on the social issues. So this time she has brought up the issue about immigration.

This docu-series is based on immigration. As to how the people who come from different countries to United States have to face various problems while settling.

According to Selina Gomez, the word immigrantion have become a negative one. There are friends and neighbors around us who might be going through various such issues. We do not consider these things these days as we have become ore attached to the materialistic world.

A Real Life based Story

source: digital music news

It is inspired from the real life incidents that happens with the immigrants. This series revolves around 8 families. This is their story as how they faced the real life traumas. The immigration is not just about settling but also about deportation and various other issues that are faced by them.

These days every student might be a scholar in his country but he will always aim of studying in United States. Getting a green card in United States is always a dream for everyone.

There were many such people who have faced the various difficulties just to get the nationality of United States. Selena Gomez have shared various videos where we can listen to the people’s grief.

We all living in this world are one just divided with these social issues like nationality,religion etc. These have created all the problems.

So like Thirteen Reasons Why had solved and protected many students from depression cases. Maybe this series would also solve the problems that need to be focused on.

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