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Characters of 13 Reasons Why categorized in the Harry Potter style.


Well the third season of Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why” is out now I was very clear that this season is also super cool and quiet interesting in its way. Each and every character in this drama were clearly justified. We’d love to see those characters in the drama. But what if we sort this characters in the Harry Potter style. I just want to give it a try. So, here’s the list of 10 main characters and which house they were sorted into.

Clay Jensen : Greyffinder

Clay is courageous, brave and a little bit stupid. He’d dare to do anything to make things right, which makes him as a perfect fit in Gryffindor. 

Ryan Shaver : Slytherin

He is one in the house who always keeps smiling. He is so smart, well determined and attracts everyone, this makes him to fit in Southern. 

Zach Dempsey : Hufflepuff

He was the best fit into Hufflepuff because he was very kind and loyal to others and he was designed as a hard working character and he was intelligent. 

Justin Foley : Hufflepuff 

He’s confusing character and it felt to figure out to which house he’d be sorted in to. His kindness with compassionate character made him to fit in Hufflepuff and also he’s loyal and caring all the time.

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Tony Padilla : Slytherin

He’s very cunning and to be honest, he’ll stand very strong every time and he was very ambitious and intelligent. This makes him Slytherin.

Tyler Down : Ravenclaw

If we observe carefully Tyler is actually ambitious and intelligent. He’s very soft spoken and he always thinks about things happening around him and things that he was about to do. This makes him to be Ravenclaw.

Jessica Davis : Ravenclaw

She’s almost a s Tyler but the difference is she’s not soft spoken this sum her position in Ravenclaw.

Bryce Walker : Slytherin

Although, he was the villain of the series. We have to remember that he’s very ambitious and cunning. And this makes to stay in Slytherin.

Alex Standall : Hufflepuff

He was very difficult character to justify but somehow, we decided him to be in Hufflepuff because he was loyal, caring and compassionate.

Hannah Baker : Gryffindor

She was other Gryffindor with Clay. She has very dating attributes and she was very brave and smart which makes her move to Gryffindor.

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