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Stuart Townsend Arrested for Violence with wife


Stuart Townsend’s facing a law-breaking charge for allegedly obtaining physical violence with his married woman and refusing to let her leave throughout an argument as it has learned.

Law enforcement sources says that the actor’s neighbours dialled 911 after querulous of loud screaming returning from his house in Santa Monica, and once cops showed up Stuart Townsend and his married woman might be detected disceptation from outside the house.

We’re perceived the officers separated the 2, however, Stuart Townsend allegedly warned his married woman to not say anything about the quarrel it seems. The sources say she complained of pain in her arms, however, did not like to take treatment for it.

Cops proceeded questioning the couple and learned that they had an oral fight that intensified. We’re informed Stuart Townsend allegedly grabbed his married woman by the arms and at some purpose … refused to let her leave once she tried.

source: daily mail

The actor was arrested and set-aside for law-breaking violence. He is conjointly facing a pair of offence counts — imprisonment and dissuading one from coverage against the law.

He was discharged once posting $50k bail.

Townsend’s best known for his role as Dorian gray within the 2003 action flick, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” In fact, he conjointly dated Charlize Theron for nine years till they broke in 2010.

We reached intent to Stuart Townsend and his married woman. Stuart tells that they did have a noisy argument, however, claims that they had already resolved their problems once police arrived. He adds, they each “look forward to the current being resolved positively and returning to their quiet lives as spouses and parents.”

His married woman tells that she asked cops to not arrest him and agrees. she’d just like the matter dropped in order that they will move along as a family. Everything was normal after that.

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