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New Music Is Coming From Ariana, Miley, & Lana, Charli XCX and Halsey– But what Are You Most Excited For?


When we heard about the word ‘Music’, what is the first meaning, thought, idea, expression comes in our mind, what relates us to it, how we feel when we pick up a word like this. To give the answers to all type of questions and doubts we usually say that Music is something which makes us feel fresh, connects to us our past emotions, it recalls our memories with the person and place who is very close to us.

It has all different kind of characteristics features which does not bound us to any limits, does not rely us on any boundaries. It goes according to our interest and mood, such as what type of music we like to listen to the most of times. Music feels us very calm, relax, gives full of energy and enthusiasm and take to us in a new world of imagination and fantasies.

Being a part of modern world, we always follow trend, search everywhere and tries to find what is new in the environment and surroundings be it fashion, food, style, travelling, places, games, career, devices and so many things. Dance and Music are souls of our body. Whenever we listen any kind of energetic song our body starts automatically, our feet begins to moving around within our given space. We have our favorite singer according to our like or dislikes.

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Nowadays, the news is rumoring around the globe that new music is coming from Ariana, Miley, Lana and Hasley. They all are coming with the new energy that would change our taste from our previous list of the songs. Three of them are going to collaborate for a single for the film Charlie’s Angels “Don’t Call Me Angel.” Now the fans are in their luck because in the pop hemisphere, Charlie XCX is ready to drop her new, self-titled album Charli, Then Hasley has ‘graveyard ‘ coming from their upcoming Manic Album.

Moreover, former ‘Como No’ collaborators Akon and Becky G are coming out with their own single titled “Can’t Stay No’ and “Secrets”, respectively.  But the Fans are waiting to listen to their favorite singer according to their choices and desire. Some people like to listen to calm music, some might be like jazz, classical, hip hop, some follow the new comers and singer so some follows the tune and rhythm of 19s. So let’s see, how will it take and where?

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