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How to get the most powerful gun of ‘Borderlines-3’ ?


The family’s game Borderlands has released its third edition Borderlands -3. Borderlands is basically a PC game which can also be played in PS4 and Xbox. The game is really cool with clear animations and astonishing graphics and great sound effects. The game was fond of its collection of legendary weapons.

In this article I’m going to tell you how to get the ‘One Punch Man shot gun’  or ‘One pump chump shotgun’ in the game which was mentioned as the most powerful weapon that could kill the players in only one one shot. If it was a perfect shot. 

Well, this game contains many other guns like Rick and Morty shotgun and more. As k said One pump chump shotgun was the best among all. It might help the players to kill enemies as quickly as possible in one shot. Inorder to get this gun the player has to take a visit to the Lectra city which can be found on Prothemea, which was a planet that can be visited by players in early.

It is not so easy to get over there so the players have to make some progress over there before getting to the location where one pump chump gum was located.

source: ign africa

After that, the players get the “proof of wife” side which was a quest in Lectra city. There will be a staircase and the players have to follow the staircase down and observe the map for dead end Alley. That will be on the left.

In that Alley they’ll find a door with some screens. The player should light up all the screens to open the door in order to do that they have to manipulate the levers and switches. In order to pull the levers there is a video from YouTube channel Arekkz gaming in which they found the best way in pulling levers for best results. 

 After the door opens there will be a summon enemy who should be killed.By killing him, one might get the One pump chump shotgun.

If you follow the guidelines and process that was mentioned in the above article you might get the ‘One pump chump gun’.

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