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Everything we know about Katherine Langford’s Plans after 13 Reasons Why


What becomes the prime reason for actors that stop them from what they are doing, what they want to do. Due to this complexities, they don’t show any kind of interest in their work. Not just for them, anyhow it becomes necessary for everyone to think for a minute about their life.

Sometimes situations make us like that or sometime what we think, what we expect from the things, what we have achieved through our hard work seems nothing to us.  At the end, we accept the fact that this is what called life and its ups and downs.

We heard about the Netflix Series called “13 Reasons Why” and the protagonist character ‘Hannah Baker’ played by Katherine Langford, when the Season first was came on the big screen everyone was admiring and appreciating the role of ‘Hannah’, played by Langford. Her performance in the show has attracted a lot of positive attention.

Considering she was relatively unknown prior to her casting, she even got multiple awards nomination for her work on the Netflix show including a Golden Nominee for Best Actress in a TV drama. During the time of this show she appeared in two features films. Since then, she shot a role in Avengers: Endgame, Misguided, Love,Simon and can be seen in Rian Johnson’s murder mystery movie “Knives out”.

source: bbc

This is not end here, she will be appeared in many films, shows and web series in coming times. Apart from this, what the news came that she will not return in the third season of the Netflix Show called “13 Reasons Why” with the headline “but what does the future hold for young actress?” she was the centered in the season 1 and returned with the limited roles in the season 2.

The series is expected to return in this summer, but without its star, how would it be possible? This is not what the audience had expected after watching the season two last time. Audience has seen what happened in the season one, her committing suicide because of the assault and in the season second’ finale her family and friends came together for her celebration to her life.This seemed that this is a final goodbye to the character of Hannah.

The actress later announced that she will not return in the season three of the show. On the other hand, she said though she would not be the part of the show but will be seen in upcoming another show Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s series Cursed based on illustrated novel. The upcoming show is not just fantasy tale but promise to be a coming of age story. All over, she will be a mainstay in the entertainment industry for long time after the TV show ’13 Reasons Why’.

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