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After the Marriage Split, Zoey Deschanel dating Property Brothers Star


The Unsuccessful Marriage

There are various relationships in Hollywood who have no base now and have ended up breaking it. One more name is added to this list now and that is of the ‘Zooey Deschanel’. She is known for her role in ‘the New Girl’. She and her former husband Jacob Pechenik got separated on 6th of September this year itself.

From one of the sources we came across the news that the couple wanted to be just good friends. They were not able to settle the terms when it was about the marriage bond.Although they have been separated few months back but the news came out officially on 6th September,2019.

All New Beginning

One week after the split, the New Girl star is found dating the Property Brothers actor Jonathan Scott. The couple have been found sharing a beautiful bond. They were seen hanging out in a restaurant in Silver Lake, California on 13th September.

source: hearld publicist

During the visit to the specific restaurant Zooey was seen wearing a blue dress with metallic flats and Jonathan was seen wearing a bomber jacket with grey jeans. They have been spending quality time together and enjoying alot.

A Deal between Former Couple

Within 6 months after the marriage of Zooey and Jacob, they had two beautiful kids. The name of the daughter is Elsie and that of the son is Charlie. They have been equally responsible for their kids even after their split.

A Great Bond

Although the couple faced a bad marriage life but it does not mean they hate each other. Both of them have maintained a healthy relationship. They are good friends,good co-workers and amazing parents too. Former couple were seen the Blue Murray’s ‘Rock the Kasbah’.

The Caring Parents

Zooey and Jacob are amazing as the parents. They have put full efforts to keep up to the expectations of their children. Through one of the sources we got to know that they do not let their children watch their work. Or we can say that the children are enjoying their childhood with beautiful colours and books.

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