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Nvidia Introduces Games Ready for Call of Duty Beta


Game ready driver for Beta version rolled out

The Game ready 436.30 WHQL driver have launched on 10th Of September, 2019.It have created huge excitment for all the games lovers.Although this is a beta version but it fixes many issues that were faced by the people before.

Operational on G-Sync compatible gaming monitors

The new driver beta version works on various G-Sync compatible gaming monitors which makes it easy for each game lover to enjoy on their respective devices. Few of the G-sync compatible monitors that supports this cause is Acer, Gigabyte etc.

Many games have introduced it

Altwit has been introduced to the famous game Call of duty Modern Warfare. It is compatible for many graphic card users whivh was a major issue which was faced back then.

source: vga news

Supports Latest released games too

As we already know that it has come up for Call of duty. But it does not mean that it cannot be operated on various other games. The latest games like borderlands 3,Fifa 2020 code vien will also have this feature.

It may also be seen that the next month may introduce the update of the particular driver.. Although it PC version start to release from 19th to 23rd of this September. But the customers who have pre ordered it will be able to be its part on the earliest that will be from 21st to 23rd of September.

Fixed various issues

As we already know that various issues keeps errupting for the games lover. And keeping this situation in mind, the game developers have been trying their best to resolve all of these issues. As we have already known the fact that the graphic card issue has been solved. In the same way the issues for various games such as Fortnite, Fozn Horizon is also resolved through this new version that has besn released.

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