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How to kiss? Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello show us with a graphic french kiss Instagram video


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Social media is a platform where people get a chance to share about their social life and as well as personal life by giving some kind of information of their bio on the profile. They have usually their world in the form what is called as a profile account.

They share their experiences, make a new kind of personality which is often different from their real life. the new applications which are mostly available on the internet, with the help of those apps they create multiple types of photos and environment, by putting the quotes that relates to their personality.

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They add and meet to new people with whom they want to share their day to day life experiences, talk with them. This social media is an environment which is filled with the humors, entertainment, excitements, adventure, ideas, career interests, expressions and so on.

It is a website and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. It’s website and applications have multiple kind of apps which play a role according what kind of platform is giving to them such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, bumble, Pinterest, twitter, and so on.

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Many apps that provides web the public to follow their favorite actors, idols, sports heroes, superheroes. Not just the Celebrities and famous personality they follow but always be ready to know about their personal life and work. They usually wonders for actors new films, their marriage, with whom they are living, what is their currently status that shows so much curiosity within the followers.

source; zee news

In recently news that came just two or four days before, it was about Music Awards 2019 in which Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello have performed. They both have kissed each other in front of the audiences who were there to watch the performance. This news is spread all over the globe. However, most of their fans were familiar about their dating rumor, know about their status.

This went like a sparkle in the wind goes all over the faces. They shared it on social media, some fan followers were in the favor of both of them but some were against them. In fact, what we have found that the singer Ryan Tedder wrote :

“Dude stop messing around and make her guacamole. U r in Mexico for gods sake you have everything you need.”

other comment was from one of the fan or the user gave a reference from the movie ‘Twilight’ and said “This is very similar to that first kiss between Bella and Edward.”

this is really felt very sad and hurt by Mendes, he replied that “we have just shared what we are in the reality, this is how we really kiss.”

This news tell both the answers. Firstly, it is about their life, how they want to deal with it, their social media profile, it is their wish what they want to share. On the other hand, some people thinks that this goes against their cultures and norms.

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