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New American Horror Story: 1984 Teaser shows you what fear is


Who doesn’t love Horror? What do u say if its more Horror than ever? Many people challenge to dare and show no fear but if u are really daring, watch the teaser of American Horror Story: 1984. The teaser shows the complete taste of fear which scares everyone and it’s been planned to make everyone pale on September 18. The Horror is set to thrill everyone with nail-biting and eye closing moments promised by the trailer. It’s not about ghost this time but a Mass Killer who doesn’t know innocence is in hunting.

The theme of the movie will be surrounding the Camp Redwood, where the ninth season witnesses a group taking on as counsellors to the haunted zone to fall into the prey. The young irresponsible teens face a killer who cuts the throat. Camp Redwood was the site of a horrific series of summer camp murders taken over by a serial threatening killer who is haunting the teens. It continues as the way what the teens will have to do with the mass killer.

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The storylines might be traditional as film name suggests so but the opening scene is so steamy and the screenplay involves the audience very engaged in the bloody scenes. The main success of the horror stories lies in the screenplay which is perfect in the trailer.

The crew gets the likes of  Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Cody Fern, and John Carroll Lynch who have already been in the alum of the franchise and the film receives new talents of Glee’s Matthew Morrison, Pose’s Angelica Ross, DeRon Horton and Gus Kenworthy. This talented crew has given everything which is needed for a horror. The work of cinematography is well visible.

The American horror story: 1984 is coming to haunt you on 18th of September at 10 pm Eastern Time on FX. Never miss being in fear.

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