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Games Lovers get a Chance to play Destiny 2 along with X box’s Leader Phil Spenser and CEO Bungie


Xbox’s leader Phil Spenser already in action.

It is well known that the famous Xbox’s leader Phil Spenser is a man who loves playing games. In the year 2017, he had spent almost 7000 hours playing games.Although right now he is a very busy man but he still finds out time to play games. The CEO Bungie Pete Parson have invited Phil Spenser for the live streaming of Destiny 2 Heroic Strike playlist as his partner.

A Spellbound livestreaming

The livestreaming will be taking place from 3pm to 5pm PT. Being a livestream, It will obviously gain much audience who are waiting for the launch.It will be a great experience to watch to great part of the games dimension to come together as a team.

A Great Team Up

As we already know that the Xbox leader Phil Spenser and the great CEO Bungie will be teaming up.This will be launched on Tuesday 10th of September, marking it a great day in the life of the gamers.

source; live daily times

Bungie’s Strike Team Edition

Strike team edition will include Destiny 2 on Xbox live, Heroic Strike playlist along with two hours of live streaming from 3-5 pm. With these there will be new surprises too .

An Opportunity for Game lovers

The audience or the game lovers who will be attending the livestreaming will get a chance to play along Bungie and Phil as their squad mate. And to add glitter on this amazing news, the people who match up with them as their team mate will be getting a chance to win a special emblem related to the specific event which will surely be a remarkable one.

At last the amazing updates

There are various updates that will be introduced to the games lovers. One among them is that the Destiny 2’s next expansion ,Shadowkeep for PC will be launching on October 1, it will be for xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 too. Bungie has also introduced Fortnite Style Battle pass for Destiny 2 which will be launching along the Shadowkeep for PC.

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